Tinker Kitchen

A cooking makerspace in San Francisco
for learning and experimenting with food.

What is Tinker Kitchen?

Tinker Kitchen is an awesome cooking makerspace with specialized, commercial-grade equipment and hard-to-find ingredients like modernist powders, liquid nitrogen, and more.

We’re a community space open to everyone, and we have plenty of space to cook, eat, or hang out—by yourself or with friends—all with a flexible makerspace-style schedule. Come by anytime!

What can you do at Tinker Kitchen?

Personal use

  • Experiment with specialized & commercial cooking equipment
  • Take a class and level up your cooking skills
  • Pursue personal cooking projects in our awesome space
  • Join a cooking club
  • Host a dinner party or group celebration


  • Hold small team off-sites with a cooking-themed activity
  • Book a private event and have the whole space to yourself

Commercial use

  • Develop new recipes and create new food products
  • Produce small food batches (in the off-hours)
  • Test your creations via special micro pop-up events

Memberships & Passes

Ready to embark on your own cooking adventures? Get out of your tiny apartment kitchen! Join us at our gorgeous 1700sqft space for all your personal cooking projects.

Monthly membership

  • Use our makerspace as often as you want
  • Access all our gadgets and equipment
  • Join our culinary clubs, make friends, learn something new
  • Bring up to 2 guests per month and host a dinner party—we'll even help you with the dishes!
  • We'll receive your monthly CSA, Blue Apron, or other cooking box for you, so you can just come and cook (subject to space availability)
  • Get discounts on classes, specialized ingredients, and events
  • Get invites for special member-only events (pop-up dinners, guest speakers, beta-test new gadgets, and more)
Launch pricing: $125/month
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Day pass

  • Use our makerspace for a day
  • Access all our gadgets and equipment
  • Attend open events and activities on the day you use your pass
Launch pricing: $30/day
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The Makerspace

Our makerspace is divided into two areas: a hang-out/dining space and a kitchen space.

From sous vide machines to pasta extruders to combi ovens to chocolate tempering
machines—even liquid nitrogen and modernist powders—we'll have it all! Here's a partial list:


About the founder

Hi, I’m Dan Mills.

Food and cooking have always been a hobby for me, and I’ve always had a love for kitchen equipment and the science of food. From my childhood in Venezuela through my career in the tech industry I’ve slowly expanded my arsenal of tastes, techniques and equipment, always tinkering with something new. In 2015 I started Tinker Kitchen to build an awesome maker space for food where I can share this passion with others. 

The seed for this concept dates back to my college days, where I had the good fortune to take a very special biology course. Makerspaces weren’t really a thing back then, but that’s exactly what this was: a sculptor and a bio prof had a lab in the basement to explain real-world structures and processes by building physical models. We studied biological organisms, did research, and built models to explain them. I discovered that this learning style is not only great fun, but immensely effective: I can still remember the things I learned back then, even though it’s been almost two decades.

That is how I approach cooking as well. I am not only interested in the end product, but in learning the underlying principles. And there is no better way to learn than by having hands-on fun in a highly creative makerspace, with all the tools you could ever dream of, and a community to lend a hand.