Spring Fresh Pasta and Sauces

In this hands on cooking class you’ll learn to work fresh pasta dough by hand and in a mixer, in different colors and flavors using freshest seasonal ingredients. Explore pasta shapes. Accompany these amazing pastas with a variety of spring sauces. Time permitting a ravioli demonstration.

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Menu / recipes

Appetizer: Olive tapenade- Veggie crudité and mini pizzas
Basic Pasta in different Colors/ Flavors (in the Thermomix) and Hand kneaded pasta dough:

  • Plain
  • Chili
  • Turmeric
  • Spinach
  • Porcini mushroom
  • Beet


  • Pea, Pancetta & Parmesan
  • Spring Pestos
  • Asparagus or Fava bean sauce (depending on availability)

Dessert: Mixed berry fruit Ice cream

About the instructor

Enrica Uliveri comes from Italy, born and raised in a small coastal town in Tuscany. From a young age she could always be found in the kitchen. Moving around Italy and she gained knowledge and passion for the diverse cuisine of many regions of Italy. After moving to the United States, she has been able to share her culinary expertise with students interested in tasting and creating true Italian flavors as well as experiencing the joy of cooking from scratch with the freshest and best ingredients. She lives in the East Bay and offers Italian language classes as well as cooking classes.

Plated pasta

Price: $80  (members: $70)


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