Healthy Chinese Take Out at Home

Join us as we venture into the world of Chinese Cooking at home. You’ll learn the magic of marinating (infusing flavor into meat) & roasting a whole duck. The simplicity of the mantou steamed bun. You’ll see the wonders of a quick stir fry in the wok and in a Thermomix! Discover the humble fermented black bean and it’s umami packed flavor. Learn where to shop for key ingredients, quality brands and my favorite places in the Bay Area to purchase fresh Asian produce.

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  • hot and sour soup, lotus root soup
  • asian slaw
  • mantou (steamed buns)
  • stir fried vegetables
  • five spice roast duck
  • mapo tofu
  • homemade hoisin sauce
  • steamed rice
  • black sesame cashew coconut ice cream

This class is dairy free, but it is not gluten free.

About the instructor

Annie Young is an avid home cook, passionate about foods from all cultures. She was taught to cook Chinese by her mother. As a kid, Sundays were spent making delicious treats for family and friends, from egg rolls, wontons and pot stickers to preparing seasonal festival foods! PBS cooking shows ignited her interest in foods from around the world. She typically immerses herself in learning a specific cuisine for a few years at a time. When she’s not cooking she develops healthy dessert recipes, travels the world eating, going to food markets and looking at art!

Chinese Food

Price: $90  (members: $80)

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