Experience a night of food, art, and community!

Tinker Kitchen and SYF Collective are partnering up to create an art exhibition that celebrates and encourages the creative pursuits that both groups foster in the food maker and local art community.


Tinker Kitchen
3233 22nd St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Food as an Art Medium

ONE NIGHT ONLY, see a multitude of 3D sculpture installations by local artists, using food as a medium and/or the idea of consumption as a concept. You won’t want to miss this! Support local artists, including:

  • Ari Bird
  • Austen Zombres
  • Brent Hayden
  • Chris Sandoval
  • Hayley Jensen
  • JD Boychuk
  • Krista Wright
  • Kyle Martin
  • Lea Zalinskis
  • Mia Turner
  • Michael Todd
  • Milo Moyer-Battick
  • Sam Huang
  • Sarah Choe

Each artist will also have a 2D piece on display at Tinker Kitchen through September 7th.
Curated by Brent Hayden for SYF Collective.

Art-inspired Food Experiences

On the other side of the coin, participate in food experiences that are inspired by art and expression. Beyond a tasting, these experiences facilitated by local food industry professionals (scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, culinary chefs) might change the way you perceive food. More details to come.

Live Music

Feeling jazzy? Live music performances by local bands SAUZE and MINTJULEP, with a special improv set between members from both groups.

Free admission with suggested donation

Art sales and donations will go towards supporting SYF Collective and Tinker Kitchen. Your contributions allow the local art and food maker communities to thrive and rebuild the creative culture of San Francisco.

About Tinker Kitchen

Tinker Kitchen is a makerspace for cooking: our members can come to our space anytime and cook whatever personal projects they like (or just hang out!). Our kitchen has just about every cooking gadget imaginable. If you love to cook, this place is for you!
Tinker Kitchen is not a cafe or restaurant. But if you’re looking to get into the food business, we can be your launching pad! Make whatever you’ve been dreaming of cooking.

About SYF Collective

Support Your Friends (SYF) Collective is a network of creatives from the San Francisco Bay Area that share a simple, but important mindset: We’re here to celebrate the creativity of our community / friends and build each other up with constant support! All artists have mutual connections to each other, and there is plenty of LOVE and SUPPORT to go around.
IG: @syf.collective | www.syfcollective.com

Price: Free!

But please RSVP so we can plan ahead.

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